Ensure all team members are wearing masks at all times – including in break rooms and at nursing stations.

December 28, 2021
Blue mask
As the number of cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, team members must remain vigilant in protecting the health and safety of each other and the patients and communities we serve. 
Additionally, leaders must hold all team members accountable for universal masking, social distancing and other guidelines.
Review these reminders:
  • IMPORTANT! Universal masking and social distancing requirements apply at ALL times, regardless of vaccination status. This includes break rooms, nursing stations, meeting rooms and other communal spaces. Masking is required even while 6 feet apart. In breakrooms where team members are eating, there must be at least a 6-foot distance between each individual. Meeting via Zoom is strongly encouraged. Eating and drinking during in-person meetings are strongly discouraged.
  • Visitors need to mask, too. If you see someone – a team member or visitor – in a hallway without a mask on, please kindly ask them to put one on. Team members must wear medical grade masks provided by Novant Health.
  • Team members must wear protective eyewear during all patient care encounters AND each time they wear an N95 or elastomeric respirator, including:
o When caring for a COVID-19 positive patient or person under investigation
o During an aerosol generating procedure, or AGP
o For team members who have a COVID-19 vaccine exemption