Need to replace your vaccination card? Here is how to get your information.

December 09, 2021
If you have misplaced your COVID-19 vaccination record, you can download your vaccination record through MyChart.

Simply click this link and download the pdf.

If you do not have a MyChart account and you received your vaccination from NHRMC:
  1. Fill out the form here
    1. Complete all required fields:
      1. Correct Patient identification
      2. Specific Information needed: “Covid Vaccine” Immunization Record
      3. Where to send information to: (bottom left) 
    2. Return completed form to:          
      a. Business Center – outside “form drop”
      b. Fax 910-815-5767 
      c. Email request to [email protected]

    *If you need an official replacement card, follow the steps above and ensure that you have entered your address. Health Information Management (HIM) will mail your replacement card to your home address.

If you did not get your vaccine at NHRMC ...
NCDHHS recommends that you contact the provider of the vaccine to retrieve your information.