You deserve a holiday treat! Reward yourself with your HERO points!

December 15, 2021
happyholiday chalk

In this season of giving, we encourage you to take a moment to reward yourself. You might tell your family members you don’t need anything. But wouldn’t that time with family be even more cozy if you could snuggle up in a Sherpa blanket or if you could enjoy the holiday music with some new Bluetooth speakers?

It’s time to reward yourself, and our HERO program is the perfect way to do it. You have worked hard to earn HERO points, going above and beyond in service to our community members and our organization. You have been recognized for these efforts through HERO, and you deserve to treat yourself!

If you have points in your HERO account, we encourage you to use them.

  • If it’s raining outside, a cache of points will not keep you dry. But if you redeem them for a 60-inch double canopy umbrella, they can.
  • A cache of points won’t feed your family on a busy night. But if you redeem them for a gift card, everybody can eat wings and nobody has to do the dishes.
  • And those points won’t dazzle at a holiday party, but you can redeem them for a pair of silver drop earrings and you’ll sparkle all night.

And remember, every team member has P2P (peer to peer) HERO points to use each month. We all know a co-worker who deserves recognition for remarkable work. Send them a card, and let them know you appreciate what they do. Our successful #amillionthankyous campaign is ending soon, but gratitude is timeless, so keep spreading the message.

While you are on the HERO platform, don’t forget to take a moment to do some holiday shopping for the one who deserves it most – YOU!

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