Keep festive masks at home! Wear ONLY Novant Health provided procedure/surgical masks in our buildings.

December 09, 2021
Many of us enjoy wearing fun masks this holiday season, but please only wear these decorative masks away from work. (At work, we’d love to see your festive socks instead!)

When inside a Novant Health facility, all team members MUST wear a procedure/surgical mask provided by Novant Health. While many masks from Amazon or other outside vendors say they are “medical grade,” we want to ensure all team members within our facilities are wearing a mask that has been vetted and approved by Novant Health. Procedure/surgical masks provide both source control and protection for the wearer against exposure to infectious material from others. As always, wear an N-95 respirator when and where required. You can review the latest personal protective equipment requirements here.

Team members may wear reusable cloth masks when entering/exiting a facility prior to receiving a facility-provided procedure/surgical mask. Team members should NOT wear cloth masks over procedure/surgical masks at any time. Additionally, reusable cloth masks may NOT be worn under procedure/surgical masks unless a team member has permission from Employee Health due to an allergic reaction. Review the latest masking guidelines to learn more.