Everyone must wear a mask in healthcare settings. Here are tools for you to help share this messaging with visitors.

December 09, 2021
Despite seeing extremely low rates of influenza last year, this influenza season is already picking up. COVID-19 and influenza are both increasing across the state and nationally. All team members, patients and visitors must wear a mask and practice social distancing when inside our facilities.
Here are some resources to help you share this information:
If a visitor will not wear a mask, unfortunately they will not be allowed to visit. You can ask if someone else can come in their place. 
Additionally, visitors must always wear a mask when inside the facility, including in the patient’s room. If a visitor takes off his or her mask and refuses to put it back on, they will be asked to leave.  
The only exceptions to refusing visitation if the visitor is unable to wear a mask are: 1) adult with mental or physical disability, 2) end-of -life situations, and 3) cannot restrict parent/guardian of a patient under 18. In these rare situations, please provide a face shield to be worn while in the facility. The face shield should remain in place for the entirety of the visit. Also provide the visitor with a face mask and encourage them to hold it to their face until they can get to the patient’s room with the door closed.