Clean high-touch surfaces in room after EVERY aerosol generating procedure.

December 09, 2021
Team members must use disinfectant wipes to clean high-touch surfaces in a room after any aerosol generating procedure (AGP) is performed. This includes an AGP for any patient, not only those with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.
  • Who: This is completed by nursing or respiratory therapy team members after a procedure unless the room has been vacated and is ready for room turnover cleaning by our environmental services team. 
  • What: Use gray-top wipes, purple-top wipes, FUZION, or other hospital-approved disinfectant. Review contact wait times for each product before use.  
  • Where: High-touch surfaces may include a bedside table, tray table, bedrails, mobile workstations, lamps or door handles.
  • Why: AGPs are more likely to generate higher levels of infectious respiratory aerosols than coughing, sneezing, talking or breathing. It’s important to follow all required room cleaning after any AGP as a patient may have influenza, COVID-19 or another contagious illness.
For a comprehensive list of AGPs, please review it here.