Erika Yourkiewicz, post-acute stroke care coordinator, named November Employee of Excellence.

November 17, 2021
Nov EOE2

Erika Yourkiewicz, post-acute stroke care coordinator, is truly a shining star at NHRMC and Novant Health.

She could earn Employee of Excellence solely for the way she treats her patients and teammates. She exhibits engagement, intuition, compassion and fun every day.

But Erika’s impact goes far beyond her remarkable people skills. She never stops thinking of ways she can support her stroke team or brainstorming for new ideas to engage team members and patients alike.

Here are some (there are many more) of the initiatives Erika played a key role in:

  • The #showusyoursleeve campaign that helped educate the community on BEFAST
  • Weekly aphasia group so stroke patients can work on their speech in a supportive environment
  • Bringing the transformative Stroke Camp to our region
  • Planning the Ranse Jones Beach Jam volleyball tournament
  • Collected shoes to raise money for the stroke program
  • Created a virtual platform for the Stroke Survivors Support Group during the pandemic


For all these reasons and more, Erika Yourkiewicz is this month’s Employee of Excellence. Congratulations, Erika!