Joyce Lapufsky named NHRMC Employee of Excellence for October 2021

October 15, 2021
EOE October 2021

Joyce Lapufsky’s work day starts at 4:30 a.m.

Every day.

Since she is the first person patients and visitors see when they arrive at NHRMC’s Surgical Pavilion, it’s important that she has a welcoming demeanor and a knack for making others feel comfortable.

When patients and families arrive, Joyce helps them navigate the hospital system, which can be confusing– especially if they’re dealing with the emotions that often accompany a hospital visit. But she’ll also help them find a meal, or a place to stay, especially if they’re not from the area.

Joyce has a keen eye for patients who may need a little extra love. She is gracious and helpful to everyone she serves. But she has been known to take a patient “under her wing,” as one coworker phrased it, and watch over them until they leave or are admitted to a room. Sometimes, she even visits the patient in their room to ensure they’re doing well.

Here’s an example of how Joyce cares for her patients and senses when someone needs a listening ear:

The mother of an adult patient had to spend the entire day at the Surgical Pavilion while her daughter underwent a long procedure. Joyce watched out for the mother the whole day, listening to her and sharing her own stories. Joyce even stayed after her shift was over just so she could be with the mother when her daughter’s procedure was finished and she received news about what was next.

The mother was so grateful to Joyce for her above-and-beyond compassion that she brought breakfast to the entire reception desk staff the next morning.

Kindness begets kindness, and Joyce Lapufsky, support associate for Volunteer Services, is a living example of that proverb every day. For these reasons and so many more, she is this month’s NHRMC Employee of Excellence.