Medical ICU Manager Jenny Walters Named Leader of Excellence

September 13, 2021
Jenny Walters LOE

The past 18 months have been some of the most challenging for healthcare workers in decades. At first, we knew little about COVID, and we feared the unknown. As we learned more, the reality justified our fears. Our NHRMC team members grieved for our patients and their families and took exhausting precautions to ensure that we protected ourselves and our own families.

In times like these, you need a leader who understands your fear, sympathizes with your grief, and stands beside you in full PPE to make sure our patients receive the best care possible.

Jenny Walters is that leader.

She listened to her team, built trust, and led by example. She is a nurse manager grounded in her experience at the bedside, and she is always willing to return to her roots whenever her team needs an extra nurse.

Jenny’s ICU teams cared for the sickest COVID patients, and when the COVID unit lost their leadership, Jenny stepped up to help them.

Her team members remember when she ignored her own physical pain and came in on a Sunday dressed in scrubs and ready to help our patients. They appreciate her efforts to communicate the rapidly changing procedures during the pandemic. And they shed tears when they think of the unexpected death of a beloved co-worker, and Jenny’s commitment to deliver the news in person, so she could be there to comfort her team.

A leader is present during the most challenging of times. She advocates for her team. And she masks up when they need her most.

For her dedicated, unwavering leadership of the medical ICU, Jenny Walters is the NHRMC Leader of Excellence.