Erin Salituri Named June Employee of Excellence

June 23, 2021
June EOE 2021 600w

Cardiac surgery clinical coordinator Erin Salituri isn’t afraid of constructive criticism. In fact, she actively seeks it out.


When NHRMC was going through its annual accreditation survey last year, Erin asked her team to help her find her weaknesses – “unheard of for leaders,” said Erin’s manager Amanda Henderson.


“Recognizing that the only successful path forward required gut-wrenching introspection and a revival-like awakening, Erin did not back down from making her unit the best it can be,” Amanda said.


Erin prioritizes her staff and her patients above all else and continually works to make changes that will serve them better. She “takes great pride in a job well done,” Amanda said, and makes her team feel valued and heard.


During a recent round for a patient recovering from surgery, Erin popped in to check on how things were going. The patient didn’t complain about any pain and said she didn’t think she needed medication yet, noting she felt she needed to tough it out. But Erin noticed the patient’s nonverbal cues that indicated she was hurting and gently asked if she could give her medication to help ease her suffering.


“The patient was so grateful for this level of assessment and attention to detail, she requested to speak with me just to sing Erin’s praises for her astute observation skills,” Amanda said.


Erin shows that same level of compassion for her coworkers, even and especially when they are going through some of the hardest times of their lives. One of Erin’s coworkers recently lost a child. The employee asked if someone would take her daughter’s handprint and gather a lock of her hair during her autopsy. Erin volunteered to perform this incredibly difficult and emotional task because, as she put it, she “would do anything to protect [her coworker] from this pain.” She never withdrew from the heart-wrenching situation and checked in on her coworkers afterward to ensure the team was OK.


Because of her caring heart, attention to detail, and passion for improvement – among many other reasons – Erin is the June employee of excellence.