Taylor Fry, RN, Named NHRMC Employee of Excellence for May

May 19, 2021
EOE May 2021 Taylor Fry

Taylor Fry has a knack for comforting her most vulnerable patients.

As a nurse at NHRMC ED North, Taylor is the person who makes sure every patient’s needs are being met – even the needs that are harder to see.

One coworker remembered how Taylor sat with a patient going through a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Taylor never left the patient’s side and asked a coworker to find the patient’s husband so she wouldn’t have to be alone. Taylor walked the patient and her husband through the scary process, answering all their questions, wiping their tears and shedding a few of her own.

Instinctively, she knew how to best serve that patient, just like she knew how to support another patient who had to be transferred from ED North to NHRMC’s main campus for surgery. This patient was very nervous, and despite Taylor’s best efforts to calm her down, she could tell the patient needed more comfort. So Taylor worked out a quick surprise visit from the patient’s husband, having him meet her outside for a quick hug and word of reassurance before the ambulance took her across town. That kind of attention to a patient’s intangible needs sets Taylor apart as a nurse.

Taylor extends her kindness and perceptive nature to her coworkers, too.

“Even as I am typing this, Taylor is working diligently around the department, performing tasks that aren’t specifically meant for her but that she knows will lighten the load of her coworkers,” said Lori Oregon, a nursing coordinator at ED North. “Taylor wasn’t supposed to be on shift tonight, but a coworker had a funeral to attend, so Taylor is now working her fifth shift of the week to help.”

Taylor has an exceptional work ethic and is known for her flexibility and willingness to help among her coworkers. She is willing to tend to every call bell that rings or every IV pump that alarms, regardless of whether they belong to her patient.

For embodying patient care and being an exemplary nurse, Taylor Fry is NHRMC’s Employee of Excellence for May 2021.