Angela Livingood Named NHRMC Leader of Excellence

April 08, 2021
Angela Livingood LOE

Angela Livingood is on a constant quest for improvement.

When she arrived at Pender Memorial Hospital 10 years ago to lead the pharmacy, the hospital was still using makeshift pushcarts to dispense medication. Angela brought the Pyxis system to Pender Memorial, creating a more modern, efficient, and safer pharmacy.

Creating a culture of transformation and pushing herself – and her team members – to continually improve their work comes naturally to Angela.

“I’ve lost count of how many times Angela has popped into my office and said, ‘I have an idea,’ or ‘I found an opportunity,’” said Dr. Heather Davis, DO, chief of staff at Pender Memorial Hospital.

These instances have led to innovative solutions that help Pender Memorial fulfill its mission, such as the expansion of Pender Memorial’s outpatient infusion therapy program, which allows Pender County residents to access care closer to home. Angela also led the growth of Pender Memorial’s nationally recognized antibiotic stewardship program, which helps prevent unnecessary drug use.

Once she has an idea, she won’t stop until it’s implemented, said Mike Melroy, director of pharmacy for NHRMC.

LIVINGOOD ANGELA  Angela is also passionate about ensuring that her team receives recognition for their hard work, going “out of her way to recognize pharmacy team members across the system,” Melroy said. That commitment to celebrating wins has helped keep staff turnover low in her department.

Angela is also a deeply involved volunteer at NHRMC and in the Pender County community, with a long list of affiliations ranging from health care to affordable housing to youth engagement. While Angela is not a Pender County native, she is from a rural area, and she says she now considers Pender County to be her home.

It’s obvious that Angela Livingood’s commitment to improving herself, her staff and her community has had a tremendous impact on Pender Memorial Hospital. That’s why she is the NHRMC Leader of Excellence for the first quarter of 2021.