Jomoka Brown, EVS Assistant, Named March Employee of Excellence

March 24, 2021
March EOE Jomoka Brown

Over the past year, Jomoka Brown’s job has been more important than ever before. Thankfully, Jomoka is the person you want on your team when your work is critical.

Jomoka is an Environmental Services Team assistant, responsible for disinfecting and sanitizing spaces throughout NHRMC. That’s an especially serious role to have during the COVID-19 pandemic. But Jomoka is known among staff and patients for her always-positive attitude and willingness to help in any way she can.

Jomoka is an excellent communicator. She checks in each day with nurses and CNAs about discharges to figure out how she can be most productive. She’ll often ask around her team to see who needs extra help that day. And recently, when the EVS leadership implemented a new process that wasn’t working as well as they hoped, Jomoka thoughtfully and respectfully brought it to her leaders’ attention.

“Jomoka not only identified the issue, she also thought of several options to resolve it,” said Nicholas Green, Operations Manager. “Thanks to her problem solving, we were able to make the process better and more sustainable.”

Jomoka’s problem-solving mindset extends to adjusting to changes in her work, something that has happened frequently during the pandemic.

“She can adjust to any change in a matter of minutes, and she’s also been encouraging others whenever we have had to get used to new surroundings and situations,” Green said.

Perhaps most importantly, Jomoka is a “ray of sunshine” for the patients. Over the past year, the Environmental Services Team has received multiple letters of gratitude and recognition for Jomoka.

One patient wrote: “She was the best part of my stay. Being able to talk to her and share stories of family really helped me cope with not being able to see them during my stay.”

This is a common sentiment among patients and coworkers who interact with Jomoka Brown. As Kimberly Fetty, RN, put it: “She is able to bring a smile even in very challenging situations for us all.”

For these reasons and more, Jomoka Brown is the NHRMC Employee of Excellence for March 2021.