PT Assistant Kimberly Galentine is NHRMC's February Employee of Excellence

February 17, 2021
Feb EOE Galentine

At NHRMC, we expect our team members to provide excellent care and to do excellent work every day. Some teammates, though, aren’t satisfied with doing a great job.


Kimberly Galentine, a physical therapy assistant, is one of those people. She is the master of the “little extra," always going above and beyond for her patients and coworkers. That commitment to her patients and her team makes her February's Employee of Excellence.


Kimberly has a knack for spotting when one of her patients or coworkers needs a “little extra” something: a therapy session spent outside for a patient who has been in the hospital for an extended period of time, a note or gift for a coworker dealing with a hard time, or a willingness to shift her schedule when the department needs extra help.


To the people who receive Kimberly’s compassion, those “little extras” aren’t so little. When caring for a homeless patient, Kimberly found clothes and shoes for him so he could walk around the hospital with dignity. After a coworker’s brother passed away unexpectedly, Kimberly came to her house with food and flowers and helped rearrange the home to better accommodate the influx of visitors she knew would be arriving.


“This is the amazing compassion that Kimberly shows to all of our patients here at NHRMC and to her coworkers," said her supervisor, Becky DeGroote.


Two of Kimberly’s coworkers noted that she has taken ownership of the department’s bariatric patients, a complex group who often require special care and have limited discharge options. Kimberly has taken a collaborative approach to their care, looping in the primary physical therapist with the nursing, case management, physician, and management teams to help the patients improve.


“She has treated these patients as though they were a family member, making sure they are getting the best care,” said colleague Becki Hearl.


She extends that kindness to her coworkers, especially when it comes to maintaining a flexible schedule. She regularly offers to give back her PDO, flex her caseload, or stay late to help a patient. She doesn’t mind switching sites with a colleague, responding, I’ll go wherever I am needed.”


It’s clear that, because of her compassion, collaboration, and ability to include the “little extra,” Kimberly is needed everywhere.

Congratulations to Kimberly for being named NHRMC's February Employee of Excellence.