Krystle Brown Is NHRMC's 2020 Employee of the Year

December 18, 2020
DSC 1978

No matter the task, Krystle Brown is the person you want on your team. She is NHRMC's 2020 Employee of the Year because of her hard work and dedication to both of the roles she held this year.

When you talk to Krystle’s teammates, you continually hear the phrase “above and beyond.” She worked a split position at Pender Memorial Hospital, but she was as dedicated to each role as if it were her full-time job. In both roles, she anticipated needs and dedicated herself to meeting them, even if that meant she had to work longer hours or back-to-back shifts. And she always does this with a positive attitude.

Krystle started 2020 as a Dietary Aide and a Central Services Technician, working in Surgical Services, at Pender Memorial. Krystle is a naturally observant person, and she uses her skills to make her employees’ workloads easier. In the dietary department, Krystle voluntarily rearranged shifts and assignments when other staff members called out. She had been known to work an extra shift in the dietary department or pop into the department before her shift in Surgical Services to help take care of additional tasks.

That observational nature also helped her save not one, but two lives in the dietary department. She recognized a change in behavior in a volunteer at Pender Memorial and called the Emergency Department, who admitted the volunteer before her issues became life-threatening. She also performed the Heimlich Maneuver on a fellow employee, thrusting eight times before the person stopped choking.

In the spring, Krystle moved full-time to Surgical Services, where she faced some new challenges. As the Central Sterile Supply Technician, she was managing 30 to 40 cases a month. In May, all Ophthalmology procedures moved to Pender Memorial. With two days’ notice, Krystle had to go from managing 30-40 cases a month to 30 cases a day -- or more than 400 cases a month. (Yes, that’s a 10-fold increase.) Krystle taught herself how to reprocess, clean, and sterilize all the equipment, then created orientation notebooks to help other employees learn the process more efficiently.

Krystle set the tone for both of her teams by always seeking out how she could help her fellow employees and make everyone’s work more efficient. In a year of challenges, we would all do well to adopt Krystle’s mindset and personal motto as a way to help us persevere: “If you’re not challenged, you’re not doing enough.”