Janene Becker, RN, to Retire from Clinical Informatics

September 02, 2020
Janene Becker Caps with Caption

Janene Becker, Clinical Support Specialist with the Clinical Informatics team, will retire on Sept. 4 after 10 years with NHRMC. In addition to her work with Clinical Informatics, Janene was an active volunteer. She was a key member of the Sewing Sundays group that sewed caps for pediatric surgery patients.

Janene has been an absolute asset to our Clinical Informatics team since NHRMC went live with Epic in 2012.

In Janene’s words:

“My journey to become a nurse is not the typical road that I believe most would follow. My mother became very ill the summer of 2003 and our daughter and I spent every day with her in an ICU setting for over 7 weeks. It was at that time that I decided I could do more. Mom passed in 2003 and when our daughter graduated HS in 2005, we both started nursing classes together. I was working for the US Government at the time and going to school at night. When it came time for clinicals, I could no longer work full time and do clinicals full time, so I retired from the US Govt in 2006 with almost 28 years of service.

"I graduated in April 2009 and shortly thereafter, my husband accepted a promotion here in Wilmington. We moved here in November 2009. I started working on the Adult Inpatient Surgical Unit at NHRMC in January 2010. I applied for and started teaching EPIC classes in February 2012 for the June 2012 upgrade. I stayed on with the newly created EPIC Support Team. I have taught classes, assisted with upgrades, assisted with the training when Pender Memorial came onboard with Epic, worked with other departments at NHRMC, and hopefully have become the person that users can reach out to for assistance when needed."

In retirement, Janene plans to spend more time ‘zooming’ with her grandchildren, pursuing her favorite hobby -- sewing and quilting. Her daughter is graduating with her Master’s Degree to be a Nurse Practitioner this October, so Janene knows her health is in good hands!