Information Services Has Created a More Efficient Model for New Project Requests

September 17, 2020
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The new process, scoping/application design review, will increase vendor and stakeholder participation, reduce hand-offs and create better documentation moving through the IS planning process. By placing business value steps into existing project processes, the team has created a new process to help manage exceptions and new technology introduction.

Information Services recognized the need to improve this planning process to create a universal understanding of the project planning process across the organization. Creating a successful project request in ServiceNow requires, planning, creating the request and submitting the request with supporting documents related to your project. After your request has been submitted, an IS project manager will contact you to review the IS Scoring Tool and review any outstanding details that may be needed.

Before submitting your project request, please review the resources on How to Create an IS Project Request Tutorial.

CLICK HERE, for a step by step process on how to submit a new project request. 

For additional information on the new project request process, CLICK HERE