DNV Surveyors Compliment NHRMC, Recommend ISO Certification

September 25, 2020
DNV Survey John Accreditation Teams

DNV Surveyors completed their annual survey on Friday morning at NHRMC, and the NHRMC organization will be recommended for ISO certification. Pender Memorial Hospital completed its survey Thursday morning and will also be recommended for ISO certification.

NHRMC CEO John Gizdic reported that DNV surveyors gave NHRMC the highest possible compliment.

“Not only would they come here as a patient,” he said, “they would bring their family members here.”

While they surveyed the main campus and other NHRMC facilities, the surveyors were continually impressed, Gizdic said, by the staff’s preparation, the welcoming culture and the openness and engagement of the staff.

“I call it the New Hanover spirit,” Gizdic said. “Our staff is proud of the great work they do every day.”

The surveyors said the NHRMC staff illustrated the double meaning of care. They provide care through the medical treatments they provide, but they also care for the patients and the community, which they demonstrate through empathy and engagement.

Earlier this week, Gizdic said the surveyors were aware of NHRMC’s reputation, and they were committed to thoroughness so they could help us find areas to improve.

Tammy Eisel, Director of Accreditation at NHRMC, said 13 surveyors visited NHRMC – the most ever. “And they went as many places as 13 people could go in four days,” she said. They also reviewed 78 medical records, more than ever before.

At the end of the week, DNV issued 4 NC-1 findings and 3 NC-2 findings. NHRMC has already begun plans to correct the findings.

In addition, DNV investigated three complaints, and found them all to be unsubstantiated.

“These are phenomenal results, and we have much to be proud of,” Gizdic said. “This is a strong validation of the excellent work we do every day.”

Gizdic specifically thanked the Accreditation team of Brittany Wiard, Page Meeks, and Tammy Eisel, who he called “the captain on this journey.”

Eisel thanked the NHRMC senior leadership for their support during the survey, in addition to the staff leaders, whose preparation and responsiveness were vital to the success of the survey.