Phase 4 of Infor Workforce Management Implementation Begins Sunday

August 18, 2020
WFM time clock

Infor Workforce Management will be going live for Phase 4 departments on Sunday, August 23. This is the final phase of a two-year project that will integrate timekeeping and scheduling across the NHRMC system.

The self-scheduling process will be paused (it will not take place in Webscheduler or WFM) on 8/20 for the 11/15 schedule. Workforce Management team leaders will be in touch as soon as all factors needed for a smooth and successful self-schedule experience are accomplished. At that time, we will define what moving forward for self-scheduling will look like and when the first schedule process in WFM will take place. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we manage this transition for the organization and our Phase 4 teams

Due to COVID-19, the command center for the August 23 go-live will have limited staff on-site but will have additional WFM Experts available to assist with issues.

Go-Live Command Center:

Day Date Notes
 Saturday Aug. 22 10 p.m.: Cut-over tasks will start
Sunday Aug. 23 Staffed 24 hours
 Monday Aug. 24 Hours: 7 a.m.-10 p.m.
Tuesday Aug. 25 Hours: 7 a.m.-10 p.m.
Wednesday Aug. 26 Hours 7 a.m.-??

Command Center Phone Lines:

  • Scheduling:  667-4734 and 667-4234
  • Timecard/Payroll:  667-4181 and 667-4030
  • IT/Mobility/Time Clock Phone Lines:  667-4727 and 667-4990


For all non-urgent issues, or how-to questions, email [email protected]


When reporting issues, please include in the email:

  • Detailed description of the issue
  • Who is having the issue and the department
  • Where the issue is occurring
  • If an error message, what does the error say?  (or a screenshot)
  • For missing punches, be sure to mention the time clock where the person tried to clock in.
  • Who to contact regarding this issue, including phone number and best time to reach you.

For time clock issues or System Down issues, please report those to the IS Help Desk at 667-7855.

For punch corrections, please email [email protected]

Time Clock Information:

If you are a part of the Phase 4 group and you work Saturday night 8/22 and into Sunday, you must use Kronos to clock in and out because your shift starts prior to the go live.  On your next shift, you should begin using the WFM time clocks.

Anyone starting their shift on or after midnight Sunday morning 8/23 should clock into the new WFM time clocks.