Priority Parking for COVID-19 Heroes; Additional Staff Parking Available

July 31, 2020

NHRMC is grateful for the tireless dedication of our staff, who are leading our community to their best possible health through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Next week, we will honor our COVID-19 frontline staff – those who work every day with positive or suspected COVID patients – with priority parking on the main campus. One entire row in the Zimmer/South Tower lot will be devoted to our COVID-19 frontline heroes as well as an entire section near the helipad at the Emergency Department.  

Once Hurricane Isaias passes, these lots will be marked with banners. If you work on the front line with COVID-19 patients, feel free to park in these reserved areas.

NHRMC Company Police has also announced that 76 additional parking spots have been opened at the former Health Department site. The new lot also includes two new emergency call boxes. Anyone with a black or pink decal is welcome to park in this lot.

If you have a purple decal, you should park in the parking deck as assigned to ensure available parking for visitors and other staff on the 17th Street campus.

As a reminder, employees are not allowed to park in the patient/visitor spots at the Surgical Pavilion. Since opening the new patient tower, we have seen an increase in patient volume in the parking lots. We must keep these spots open for our patients and visitors.

The new parking areas are designated on the map here.