EFC Encourages Supporting Local Grower's Through Community Supported Agriculture Boxes

July 23, 2020
feast down east boxes

NHRMC was unable to host our monthly farmer’s markets this year due to COVID-19 but we are finding creative ways to still get that farmer’s market feel while supporting our local growers.

Feast Down East is offering a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program which offers a unique form of cooperation between farmers and their community. The details of each CSA depends on the farm, but generally customers pay an up-front subscription fee to the farm in return for a weekly box of assorted fresh produce. Farmers use the collected fees to purchase the supplies necessary to grow the crops to fill subscriptions. CSAs are popular because they directly support growers while providing a fun way to explore the wide variety of local foods.

Click here for more information on Feast Down East's CSA Program and order your box.

Please note ordering opens on Mondays and they do sell out quickly.