NHRMC Making Changes to Mobile Phone, iPad Policy

May 21, 2020
iPhone NHlogo

NHRMC is updating our existing mobile device policy, and some changes will be evident in advance of that transition. Effective immediately, NHRMC will no longer provide upgraded mobile phones, iPads or other accessories.


The following will also apply:

New Devices

  • New employees, with VP or VP designee request/approval, will be issued a base model iPhone with a protective case


Repair / Replace Devices

  • Repair will be provided for existing iPhones, however all damaged phones that need replaced will be replaced with the vendor’s base model iPhone (currently an iPhone SE 64GB)
  • iPads will not be repaired or replaced unless the device is integrated into the clinical workflow, such as an interpreter or EMS iPad

The mobile device order form has been updated on ServiceNow to reflect these changes.

These procedures will remain in place until NHRMC’s new mobile device policy is finalized and implemented.