NHRMC Plans to Start Phase II of Non-Clinical Reopening

May 21, 2020

NHRMC leaders are working on a plan for reopening non-clinical offices. This includes the Business Center, the Annex, and other locations. This plan was dependent on North Carolina moving into Phase II of Gov. Roy Cooper’s reopening plan, which he announced -- with some limitations -- on Wednesday.

Like the clinical locations, the non-clinical sites will be reopened in phases. NHRMC is currently in Phase I, and employees should still be working from home if they are able. The second phase will begin Tuesday, May 26 unless COVID-19 triggers force us or the state to pause or reverse reopening plans.

This phase will include some changes at the NHRMC cafeterias as Gov. Cooper's order lifted some restrictions on restaurants.

When NHRMC moves to Non-Clinical Phase II, universal masking will remain policy, and each facility will be limited to a maximum of 25 percent building capacity, with a minimum of 6 feet between workspaces and no more than 10 people may be together in a confined space. In addition to the outline below, leaders at each location are making plans to prioritize who should be on site.

Please see the attached Social Distancing at Work document for reminders on NHRMC’s policies for social distancing, handwashing, masking and disinfecting.

Here’s a look at the plan for the Now and the Near, with the understanding that NHRMC will follow the guidelines set by the State of North Carolina:

Phase 1 – In place

  • Maintain remote working and all other current operational social distancing plans

Phase 2 –Will begin May 26

  • All triggers must remain green
  • Universal Masking continues
  • Max 25% Building Occupancy (outside of patient care locations)
  • Each site to develop phasing plan with focus on those who need to be on site for productivity/resource needs etc. (off campus locations prioritized first)
    • If including staff on site rotations, recommend on week by week basis to minimize overlapping exposures if possible
    • Must include how current employee monitoring plan will be implemented/operationalized (if not already) at each site
    • Areas that will require additional PPE for staff and/or patients/visitors for universal masking need to include plan to obtain, store and conserve PPE in alignment with the NHRMC PPE reuse plan
  • Multi-space offices must main 6-foot distancing (cubicles etc.)
  • 10 people or less in congregate settings (until further notice)

Phase 3 is expected to be implemented 4-6 weeks after Phase 2 and will be dependent on Gov. Roy Cooper’s rollout of the next phase for North Carolina. This will include information on retail spaces, the SECU Family House, volunteer services, Business Center services, etc.