Short-Term Focus of New Tower Shifts to Medical Patients

May 12, 2020
Tower lobby furniture

As NHRMC focuses on the Now and the Near, the newly constructed patient tower near the Surgical Pavilion will open as a Medical tower. The tower construction is complete and with recent approval from the state, a phased approach to opening could occur as soon as this summer. 


As NHRMC brings more service lines back up to full capacity, we will need the extra beds to serve our growing community. Using the beds in a medical capacity is the most logical choice at the time for financial reasons and because this use allows for flexing the space into a more definitive and anchored service line in the future.

The vision for a Heart and Vascular Hospital still exists, but upfitting the space for that purpose will require a large capital investment. The recent financial losses from the COVID-19 pandemic have caused NHRMC to pause that plan until our financial situation stabilizes and we can commit the capital needed for an appropriate Center of Excellence.

The timeline for the conversion to its ultimate purpose remains unclear, as it is reliant on sustained financial improvement that will only come when the threat of a large-scale COVID-19 outbreak has passed.