Maintenance Foreman Bobby Pavlik Named March Employee of Excellence

March 04, 2020
EOE March 2020 Pavlik CL

As his teammates in Plant Operations applauded, Bobby Pavlik, Maintenance Foreman, received the NHRMC Employee of Excellence Award for March 2020 on Wednesday in the James Walker Conference Room.

When you work in plant operations, quick thinking and problem-solving skills are necessary attributes. Bobby has displayed these skills over and over, and his impact is felt in many departments across the organization.

Late one night, he received a call to repair a damaged ceiling in an operating room. The patients who came through that room the next day had no idea that the room was unusable just hours before. They were able to receive their needed procedures because Bobby was on a ladder in that OR at 2 a.m., replacing part of the ceiling grid and damaged tiles.

On another occasion, a gift shop manager ordered wall slats so they could display more products and maximize the use of their space. Unfortunately, the gift shop walls could not support the slats, and the manager was resigned to returning them. But Bobby said, “Wait a minute. Let’s see what we can do.” He devised a way to reinforce the walls, and the slats were installed the next day.

When one of the departments in the hospital was having to change out lightbulbs in their area almost every week, he decided to stop changing the bulbs. Instead, he looked for the root cause of the problem. With a little research, he found out that the department needed to change out the type of light bulbs and the type of fixtures being used.

People across the NHRMC campus know Bobby goes above and beyond to make sure their needs are met.

A co-worker said, “No matter what it is, if he doesn't know how to fix it, he will find someone who does. You know when he walks in the door, whatever you need will be fixed plus something else you didn't know needed to be repaired will also be taken care of.”

Here’s more kudos, from Robin Davis, manager of the Surgery Navigation Center:

When Hurricane Florence arrived, she wreaked havoc on the whole health system. Two weeks after returning to "normal" operations, the NEW Surgery Navigation Center opened. During that time, we had lost basically two weeks of planning and preparation time. About a week after the move, as I was sitting in the middle of the floor in a mess papers and moving boxes trying to organize things and thoughts, Bobby walked up to my door and said, "Let me help you." It was almost as if there was a glowing around his head! He then proceeded to take what he could manage and helped me to talk through some of the other items and triage them. Things just started falling into place. Without him, I  am not sure how we would have made it through the first month.


For solving problems and being a great teammate to everyone across the organization, the NHRMC Employee of Excellence for March is Bobby Pavlik, Maintenance Foreman for Plant Operations.

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