NHRMC Demonstrates Commitment to New Vision

February 18, 2020
Vision Photo Booth

NHRMC has unveiled its new Vision Statement, to supplement its entrenched mission of Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health. During the recent Leadership Collaborative, NHRMC leaders demonstrated their commitment to the new Vision.

NHRMC is an industry leader in a new era of healthcare delivery.
ur thriving community serves as a national model of achieving excellence for all.

Attaining that vision will benefit the health of the entire region, collectively and individually. To support our vision, NHRMC employees, commit to:

  • Fostering a culture of transformation through empowerment, innovation, and inclusivity
    To transform, everyone must be involved and empowered to innovate, creating breakthrough change.
  • Delivering exceptional, affordable, and personalized experiences throughout the wellness continuum
    While health care is at the core of NHRMC's existence, the entire experience shapes relationships with our patients. Their trust, their confidence, and their well-being are influenced by every encounter.
  • Advancing health and vitality for all through a community integrated model of collaboration
    This reinforces the commitment not only to doing as much as possible by partnering with others to enhance and accelerate work, but to focus on helping each person achieve their optimal level of health.
  • Cultivating a diverse and extraordinary workforce dedicated to our mission
    NHRMC recognizes the need to engage every facet of our workforce and remove the barriers that inhibit them from achieving excellence.  Excellence can be achieved by building the best workforce possible and unleashing their passion to achieve the mission.

During Leadership Collaborative on Tuesday, NHRMC leaders were among the first to get an opportunity to show their commitment to fulfilling that vision.

NHRMC Commitments Slideshow from Leadership Collaborative