Louise Boyd Named NHRMC Leader of Excellence

February 12, 2020
Louise Boyd LOE2

Every year, NHRMC employees take the Employee Engagement Survey, where they score questions based on a five-point scale. And that’s unfortunate, because Louise Boyd deserves some sixes or sevens, or maybe 11s.

Louise, Manager of New Hanover Medical Group Central Office sets a high standard for Employee Engagement across the board.

The numbers on a survey represent the enthusiasm she has built in her team. Her team’s turnover rate has been cut in half in the past year, and among the 11 Managers in her group, her team had the highest overall score.

Those numbers reflect the success of a great manager. But they don’t explain why her employees are so loyal, dedicated and engaged.

For the why, you have to look at the person leading the team.

Louise holds staff accountable and expects excellence, but also demonstrates her genuine concern for the well-being of her staff. When any member of her team faces a personal hardship, this manager offers support on the job, at their homes, at the hospital.

She represents her unit on the disaster response team and plays a leading role in updating NHRMC’s hurricane preparedness plans. During an emergency, she is an expert in deploying the right people to the most needed areas, keeping safety for patients and employees as her primary goal.

This leader has a big heart for the community. She collects used scrubs to donate to patients who need a change of clothes in an emergency. She also volunteers to feed the homeless at Greenfield Lake.

One of the most impressive things about Louise, though, is her ownership of difficult situations and her willingness to protect her staff.

On several occasions, this leader has de-escalated irate patients at the entrance to her office. And one of these was not your everyday irate patient, either -- one had outstanding arrest warrants and was intoxicated.

Nevertheless, this leader addressed the patient, de-escalated the situation and maintained the environment of security and safety for her staff and patients.

Dr. Todd Kornegay had this to say about the leader …

“She is diligent, hard-working and firmly dedicated to both her physicians and our patients. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to make our group the premiere primary care group in the region. Our data supports the claim that she is an employee-centric leader, and it is evident that she leads by example. She goes “above and beyond” the call of duty for our patients on a daily basis.”

For all of these reasons, Louise Boyd has been named NHRMC’s Leader of Excellence.