Detective Timothy Fisher Named February Employee of Excellence

February 10, 2020
Tim Fisher EOE CL

When new employees arrive at NHRMC, they are inundated with information about their jobs – from passwords to benefits to proper hand hygiene. In the midst of all this, Detective Timothy Fisher introduces anywhere from 50-100 new employees to the NHRMC Company Police.

During this meeting, he conveys a message of protection, assistance and guidance in keeping the employees, patients and visitors safe. This officer has enhanced the orientation presentation and had developed a safety program for employees who are victims of domestic violence. He is so dedicated to the well-being of our staff that he provides his office line, his email address and his cell phone number to every employee who attends orientation. Frequently, new hires will form a line to speak with him after his presentation.

This compassion and connection are the first things these employees learn about our Company Police, and this resonates with them. If they ever need assistance, they’ll remember this interaction and won’t hesitate to reach out for help.

This officer’s contributions to NHRMC go far beyond orientation, of course.

Det. Fisher is an advocate for anyone with disabilities and will ensure that handicapped parking is not abused. When the LEAD disabilities Employee Resource Group needs to discuss parking, this officer is their “go-to.” He has also organized his fellow officers to volunteer as buddies to the athletes for baseball games at the Miracle Field.

He works on many interdepartmental committees, representing Company Police and always contributing unique insight and ideas.

He also has undertaken the thankless task of Equipment Manager for his department. While it’s an arduous job, he gets the opportunity to ensure that every one of his co-workers is outfitted with the proper safety gear, and someday that could prove to be his most valuable contribution.

Director of Company Police Doug Monroe praises this officer’s work ethic.

If this officer is assigned a task at the end of his shift, Monroe knows he’ll have to tell Det. Fisher to go home because otherwise he wouldn’t leave until the task was finished, regardless of how many hours it takes.

For example, one day Det. Fisher asked staff if he could provide any assistance before finishing his shift. He found out that a person was missing, and learned that foul play was suspected. He quickly jumped into action and contacted police and sheriff departments from the NC coast to the mountains. Initially the person was tracked but moved prior to the investigator’s arrival. This officer continued to work with law enforcement investigators throughout the night, and without rest, until the person was located by officers far from Wilmington. His quick actions and relentless dedication was directly responsible for the individual being located and removed from harm’s way.

On another occasion, this officer had just graduated from a law enforcement Glock armorer school. As soon as he graduated from the armorer academy, Tim learned of a serious event that had occurred within his jurisdiction. Tim’s dedication, even though weary from the grueling academy schedule, led him to drive back throughout the night to assist other investigators at NHRMC.

Det. Fisher is a tireless worker dedicated to the well-being and safety of his co-workers and who helps shape the image of NHRMC Company Police. So, with his grandparents in attendance and his father watching via video conference from Tennessee, Detective Timothy Fisher was named the NHRMC Employee of Excellence for February 2020.