NHRMC Names Krystle Brown January Employee of Excellence

January 13, 2020
EOE January 2020 Krystle Brown

Doctors save lives. Nurses save lives. EMTs save lives. And sometimes, dietary aides save lives.

Saving lives is not in Krystle Brown’s job description. But Krystle is accustomed to taking responsibility for tasks that aren’t in her job descriptions.

Krystle has two positions at Pender, dietary aide and Central Sterile Technician. When Krystle learned of a need in Central Sterile, she applied for the position, was highly recommended by her manager, and was trained on the job.

Those who work with Krystle are not surprised that she wanted to help out in another capacity or that she quickly learned the job and received certification. Krystle has always done whatever she could to help the team at Pender Memorial.

In the dietary department, Krystle has taken it upon herself to find out if there are any call-outs, and she will re-arrange shifts and assignments to disperse the workload. When two teammates on the dietary unit were unexpectedly absent on the same day, Krystle helped complete both staff members’ duties and maintained her positive attitude.

She has assumed the duties of supply ordering, has dialogue with customers about salad bar requests, and diligently enforces food safety standards, regardless of who tries to walk through the kitchen without a hairnet.

By working in two departments, Krystle could be left out of the loop. But she ensures that she knows what is going on in both departments. On the day before she’s scheduled to work in Surgical Services, she checks in with her manager to make sure she knows what needs to be taken care of in the department before she arrives.

Her flexibility to do what’s best for Pender Memorial benefits both teams. When her dietary coordinator was out and Krystle was scheduled to work in Surgical Services, she arrived at work early to make sure the deposit was made on time. On another occasion she worked a shift in Surgical Services and stayed to work a shift in dietary, who would have been short-staffed without her. On another occasion, she gave up a higher-paying shift in Surgical Services because the Dietary team was in greater need.

For these reasons, Krystle Brown is a great choice to become an NHRMC Employee of Excellence.

But there’s much more to her story. Krystle Brown is a life-saver.

First, Krystle used her keen sense and understanding to recognize that one of the Pender volunteers was not acting right. Krystle alerted the Emergency Department, who admitted the volunteer in time to alleviate her issues before they became life-threatening.

Later, Krystle was in an almost-empty cafeteria with just one fellow employee. When the employee began gesturing for help, Krystle could see that she was choking. She rushed over, wrapped her arms around the co-worker and tried to dislodge the food in her throat using the Heimlich Maneuver. She kept thrusting as she yelled for help. Finally, on about the eighth thrust, the food shot out, and her co-worker could breathe again.

So for being the ultimate team player and for her utter dedication to Pender Memorial Hospital AND FOR SAVING THE LIFE OF A CO-WORKER, Krystle Brown has been named the NHRMC Employee of Excellence for January 2020.