Let NHRMC Make Healthier Happen for You in 2020

December 27, 2019
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The New Year is a time of opportunity, and NHRMC offers a multitude of ways to Make Healthier Happen for you and your family.

Reset Programs

EFC Programs

Cooking Classes

Smoking Cessation

Let’s Make Healthier Happen Online Resource


There are two options with a similar theme: complete transformation. One is run by the NHRMC Heart Center and is not exclusive to NHRMC employees/dependents. The second is facilitated by the NHRMC Wellness Dietitians.

Lifestyle Reset

The NHRMC Lifestyle Reset Program is designed to help participants feel better, reduce cardiovascular risk, control stress, and re-establish life balance through the practice of exercise, stress management, and healthy nutrition.  Education by experts in the field will be provided to help individuals understand how exercise, nutrition, and stress management improve health and reduce cardiovascular risk. 

The program consists of two three-hour sessions each week for nine weeks, starting on January 6 or March 9. NHRMC employees can sign up for half-price.

To enroll: Email [email protected] or [email protected] or call 910.662.9933.

21-Day Whole Body Reset


The NHRMC dietitians have developed a free 21 Day Whole Body Reset program to help you kickstart a healthier lifestyle. In each one-hour session, they will provide employees and dependents with a program to help you be healthier in 2019 and beyond. 

"This program will give you all the information you need to be healthier," said Ana Evans, NHRMC dietitian. "It includes detailed menus for 21 days with recipes and shopping lists. And if you have special dietary requirements, we'll have a plan for you, too."

Kickoff sessions are January 6 and 7.

To enroll: Fill out the form on NHRMC.org. Contact Ana Evans with any questions.

Wellness & Fitness Programs

The NHRMC Employee Fitness Center offers programs to help employees and dependents start their wellness journey, or focus on weight loss and health through the challenge of a friendly competition.

12 to Life

12 to Life collage 

NHRMC's 12 to Life program helps beginners become more acclimated to the fitness center. Participants are introduced to a healthier lifestyle at a comfortable pace.

"Every week you will make a new small change in your daily habits, and by the end of 12 weeks, you will see bigger, healthier changes that can last for a lifetime," said Sheri Albertson, Program Coordinator at the Jack Barto Center for Employee Fitness. "Over the past 20 seasons, we have seen this program change people's lives. You could be next!"

The kickoff meeting will be held at noon Jan. 11 at the EFC.

To enroll: Fill out this form on NHRMC.org. Email questions to Sheri Albertson or call 667.4151.

Weight Loss Challenge

NHRMC's Weight Loss Challenge has helped hundreds of NHRMC employees lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

In the Weight Loss Challenge:

  • Teams of 5-6 work out with a dedicated personal trainer two times per week, receive nutritional counseling and compete in two Saturday Team Challenges
  • Competitors commit to 20 training sessions at $10 per person (60 spots available on a first come, first served basis)
  • If you want to step up your weight loss efforts and want the structure, motivation and fun of a team-based program, then this program is what you are looking for!

To enroll: Sign up in person at the Employee Fitness Center. Kickoff meeting is 6 p.m. January 10. Email questions to Sheri Albertson or call 667.4151.

Healthy Cooking Classes

Cooking Class Photo 0328 

Our Employee Nutrition Services Team hosts cooking classes at the EFC to help employees and dependents meet their nutrition and wellness goals.

The classes offer a practical, stress-free approach to help you and your family live healthier lives. They are a great supplement to all the wellness programs offered at the EFC.

Among the most popular are the Theme Night Cooking Classes. Each class offers a different menu. The first, just in time for the Super Bowl, is Healthy Game Day Munchies for the Win with air-fried chicken wings, game day dips, Buffalo cauliflower bites and mocktails. Other classes included Plant-Based Diet 101, Heart Health and Diet Connection, Losing Weight and Increasing Energy through Diet, and Health Eating for Nightshift Workers.

To enroll, visit NHRMC.org/cooking and choose your class from the menu on the left. Email questions to Ana Evans.

Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking is a common New Year’s Resolution, and NHRMC offers a program to help you become a healthier version of yourself.

Each one-hour class is taught by a respiratory therapist and pharmacist and gives you:

  • Understanding about health risks of smoking
  • Behavior modification techniques to help you stay smoke-free
  • Information on nicotine replacement therapy
  • Opportunity to purchase nicotine replacement products at a reduced cost through the NHRMC Outpatient Pharmacy

The next class will be held on January 16.

To enroll, call 910.264.9200.