NHRMC Establishes Organizational Goals for 2020

November 22, 2019
goals 2020 graphic 600w

As NHRMC transitioned from FY19 to FY20, our organizational goals have been updated.

In 2019, NHRMC achieved six of the eight goals established for the system. Some of our goals for 2020 have remained mostly the same from 2019, but others have changed significantly to reflect the direction of our organization and our vision for the future.

2019 Goals Breakdown

Access: In 2018, 6.3% of all primary care visits were new patients. The 2019 goal was established at 6.31% and the final total was 6.39%.

Value: In 2018, NHRMC saved $24.3 million from G4G (Geared for Greatness). The 2019 goal was established at $25.4 million. Altogether, 2019 savings equaled $31.1 million.

Health Equity: The goal was to identify the top disparities that negatively impact the health of our community. The disparities were identified as infant and maternal mortality, diabetes, and gun violence.

Quality: NHRMC set a goal of reducing 30-day mortality from 13.35% in 2018. The 2019 goal was 11.16%. Our result was 13.54%, which did not meet our goal. We learned that as NHRMC treats more patients with more serious illnesses, it will be increasingly difficult to reduce mortality rates.

Service: We measure patient satisfaction by the percentage of surveys which record an overall score of 9 or 10. In 2019, we achieved 88.69% satisfaction, which exceeded the goal of 88.29% and improved on our 2018 score of 88.05%.

People: We established an Employee Engagement Survey goal of a score of 4.28. We scored a 4.20 overall.

Growth: NHRMC measured consumer touches with a goal of 5.23 million interactions. We reached that goal with a total of 5.24 million touches.

Finance: NHRMC established a target of 6.40% operating margin in 2019. That exceeded the 5.47% from 2018, and we still exceed the goal with a pre-audit margin of 6.98%.

FY2020 Goals

That brings us to FY20, where NHRMC has changed some of the metrics we will use to measure success. The following FY 20 Organizational Goals have been set and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Under Access, NHRMC will focus on same day primary care access. We will measure the percentage of appointments scheduled and completed on the same day. This new goal covers patient convenience and emphasizes the need to help patients get non-emergent care when they do not need to visit the emergency department.

Total system savings – we exceeded our goal for FY19 and will set our target for FY20 at $26 million, which is above last year’s goal, but lower than what we achieved last year.

Our 2020 health equity goal focuses on getting staff trained in our “Everyday Bias” courses. All staff will be trained within three years, and we’re starting with a goal of 18% this first year. Better understanding of how we interact with all those we serve and work with is crucial to building a diverse and extraordinary workforce and a thriving community.

Our quality goal will focus on reducing preventable harm. This is a new metric for us, and we will be working to reduce our incidence of Serious Safety Events. The 2019 median average was 3.65 per 10,000 adjusted patient days. Our goal is to reduce that number to 2.00 as we continue our quest for zero. This goal coordinates with the implementation of the Fair & Just Culture system that will be spread across the NHRMC system.

Our Service goal is again to reach an 88.29 composite score from our patients. We exceeded this last year – and expect to exceed it again.

Our People goal is to have an overall employee engagement score of 4.20. We fell short of our goal last year and hope that our focus on recruitment and increasing pay will help alleviate some of that stress as we move forward together.

For growth in 2020, we will measure patient volumes across the system and MyChart usage. Our 2020 goal for consumer touches is 1,817,563 in alignment with our forecast.

Our finance goal is around our operating margin.  We exceeded our goal last year and will keep this year’s goal at 6.4%.