Maggie Cooper Named November Employee of Excellence

November 19, 2019
EOE November 2019

“Contagious” is generally a bad word at hospitals. Flu. Hepatitis. Ebola. These are all contagious.

But the Behavioral Health team has found something else to be contagious – the positive energy of one of its employees. One of the most infectious among them is a recreational therapist who spreads compassion and her helpful attitude across the department.

This employee, Maggie Cooper, has been named the NHRMC Employee of Excellence for November 2019.

Maggie’s days are stacked with appointments and responsibilities, and you can always count on her. Despite her hectic schedule as a recreational therapist, she always finds time to help a co-worker in need, particularly when it involves working with a patient.

According to her manager, everything she does, every day, promotes positivity and teamwork among disciplines in the Behavioral Health Hospital. Not only does she work to promote teamwork in her department, she encourages it in other departments as well. If there are children and adolescents in the behavioral health holding area of the Emergency Department, Maggie assembles age-appropriate tasks and goes to the ED to interact with these patients. Often these patients stay with us for multiple days, and just seeing her face really brightens their day.

Maggie’s positive aura has a pronounced impact on the BHH patients. They absolutely love her, and her groups are the most attended. Her optimistic attitude rubs off on her team members and patients.

When Maggie supervised visitation, she would greet every visitor with “Welcome, friends.” It seems like such a small gesture, but it made all the difference in the world to our visitors who may be entering an environment that is frightening to them.

Maggie’s skill and compassion are constantly complimented on patient surveys. In every group of survey comments we receive, there is ALWAYS something positive about Maggie, her positivity, and her bright smile.  

Recently, a patient who was having difficulty getting placed because facilities were concerned about the patient’s volatile behavior. Maggie met with this patient, related to her and found an activity that she enjoyed doing. The anxiety and aggressive behavior dissipated, and the patient’s behavior stabilized. Once we could tell facilities that the patient was able to interact appropriately, the patient was placed.

For spreading her positive attitude to her teammates and our patients, we congratulate Maggie Cooper, Recreational Therapist, for being NHRMC’s November Employee of Excellence.