Promote Compliance and Patient Privacy, Win Hero Points

November 01, 2019
Compliance Hero Card
From November 4-8, the NHRMC Corporate Compliance Department will celebrate the importance of Corporate Compliance and Patient Privacy by the organization’s employees through Awareness-Recognition-Reinforcement!

Links to two separate Crossword Puzzles and a Scandals Quiz for all employees of the organization to participate and enter our daily drawings for prizes are below!  Drawings will be held each afternoon at 4:30 p.m. (Check Yammer for more Corporate Compliance tips, links to games and winners during the week!)

NHRMC is introducing its Compliance and Patient Privacy Hero e-card this week, and Hero points may be won by correctly completing and returning the Scandals Quiz!!  Two drawings per day for 1,000 points each from all correctly submitted quizzes!

There will be two drawings per day from each of the Crossword Puzzles, correctly completed and submitted. Two movie tickets will be awarded to each of the four winners each day!

Scandal Quiz

Crossword 1

Crossword 2

The Crossword Puzzles and the Scandals Quiz may be scanned to [email protected] or Faxed to 910-667-5342 to enter drawings each day.

Winners will be announced on Yammer and each winner notified by e-mail.

Please help us celebrate Awareness-Recognition-Reinforcement of Corporate Compliance and Patient Privacy and good luck to all participants.

NEW Compliance and Patient Privacy HERO E-card!!

The Corporate Compliance Department and the HERO Program, are pleased to announce the creation of the NEW “Compliance & Patient Privacy HERO” e-card.  This e-card has been added to the HERO Program e-card file, not only for the use by Corporate Compliance, but by anyone in the organization, to recognize your co-workers who are practicing excellent Compliance and Patient Privacy practices.

Thank you for keeping us compliant and protecting our patients’ privacy every day.