Improved Patient Locator Badges Will Be Implemented Oct. 27

October 24, 2019
Patient Badge Midmark
On Sunday, October 27, NHRMC's real-time location system (RTLS) will implement enhanced patient locator hardware. New patient locators will have improved battery capabilities and will be more durable for long-term use. Distribution of new badges will begin at noon Sunday with all badges being switched by Monday morning.
Staff will assist current patients in transitioning to the new locator. An Epic tip sheet has been created with step-by-step instructions.
All admitting patients beginning on Sunday will receive the new patient locator model upon arrival.
With the introduction of the new patient badges, standard work for badge cleaning and badge removal have been updated.

RTLS uses sensors to easily locate patients, equipment and hospital staff. The RTLS system will improve efficiency in flow and throughput and help staff find the nearest available equipment at a glance.

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