Staff Members Display 38 Posters at Quality Week Celebration

October 22, 2019
Quality 2019 CL Dre Sheri 600p

NHRMC employees presented 38 posters at Monday’s Quality Week Celebration in the NHRMC Auditorium.

NHRMC CEO John Gizdic commended all those who presented posters and underscored the importance of their work in helping our system work toward achieving our quality goals.

“Quality is the No. 1 initiative for our Board of Trustees,” Gizdic said. “This is a small sample of the tremendous work you are doing to improve patient outcomes.”

Gizdic noted that many of the posters had been presented at national or international conferences and some had been published in industry publications.

Gizdic then introduced Chief Clinical Officer Dr. West Paul and remarked “I’m excited about how he’s challenging us.”

Dr. Paul acknowledged the work that was illustrated on the posters and encouraged the staff to “spread the knowledge.”

He expects NHRMC to have a presence in 2020 at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement national forum. The quality goal for NHRMC, Dr. Paul said, is to be the best in the state, then the best in the region and the best in the country.

Healthcare Quality Week continues through Oct. 26.