Behavioral Health Nurses Present At 33rd Annual Psychiatric Nurse Conference in New Orleans

October 16, 2019
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Cindy Heinly, RN, BHH Clinical Coordinator, and Jenna Baughman, BHH Staff RN, represented NHRMC Behavioral Health Hospital at the 33rd Annual Psychiatric Conference in New Orleans earlier this month. 

Due to the unprecedented six-day Shelter In Place during Hurricane Florence, it was realized that the psychological effects of the storm, on staff, was lingering and needed to be evaluated and addressed.

The nurse duo collected objective data from the staff and implemented workflow changes at BHH to ensure the best future outcomes for not only patients but also the staff in the face of future natural disasters. They presented this information in a poster presentation titled "What About The Staff? The Psychological Affects On Staff Before, During, and After Hurricane Florence."

Cindy and Jenna were proud and felt privileged to be able to represent Behavioral Health Hospital and NHRMC at the APNA Conference. They were also excited to present and implement new strategies to help our staff in the recovery/self-care process after Hurricane Florence as well as for future Shelter In Place events.