Workforce Management Go Live Schedule Announced

September 12, 2019
WFM time clock

The New Hanover Regional Medical Center system is switching to Infor Workforce Management (WFM) for Staff Scheduling and Time & Attendance. This will replace Kronos, Ansos, WebScheduler, paper schedules and standardizes the processes across all departments and locations.

Pender Memorial Hospital and NHRMC Home Care have already made the transition to Workforce Management, and dates have been announced for the upcoming rollout at NHRMC.

Why Workforce Management?

Workforce Management integrates with programs used by Payroll and other Human Resources departments. The consistency it brings to the NHRMC system is expected to reduce the need for payroll corrections. Additionally, Workforce Management’s integration with Lawson should improve efficiency.

Another advantage of Workforce Management is that the system can identify all employees who are working at a given time. This is an important consideration for emergency management during a crisis.

Mobility Phone Access

Employees can use many functions of Workforce Management on their mobile devices using Mobility. You can access your schedule and request time off using Mobility through Workforce Management.  Okta is required to use the WFM Mobile application. Contact the IS Help Desk if you need to have Okta installed on your mobile device.

Training, Preparation

Mandatory training for all employees will be provided, and details will be forthcoming.

Each Phase I department/unit will identify a Subject Matter Expert (SME), who will attend more extensive training. Other units will do the same closer to their own Go Live.

All employees will have a schedule in Workforce Management and will be instructed which time clocks to use.

Employees will have the ability to swap shifts with other employees with the same skills.

WFM project team members will be on-site at go-live to assist employees and will schedule training appointments.

The WFM project team has provided a leader checklist to help leaders prepare for the Workforce Management go-live. This checklist is located on the SharePoint site below Workforce Management FAQ.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. 

Go Live Schedule

To see this Go Live information outlined on the NHRMC Organizational Chart, click here.

Phase 1: Nov. 17

  1. All units and departments reporting to:
    1. Keith Strawn
    2. Ed Ollie
    3. Kristy Hubard
    4. Joe Norris
    5. Lynn Gordon
  2. Legal
  3. Compliance
  4. Foundation
  5. Innovation
  6. Human Resources
  7. Finance
  8. Strategic Services
  9. Information Services

Phase 2: Feb. 9

  1. All units and departments reporting to Dr. Philip Brown
  2. Surgical Services (except for floors 2 and 4)
  3. Lean
  4. Emergency Transport (EMS, Vitalink, etc)
  5. Laboratories
  6. Respiratory

Phase 3: April 5

  1. All units and departments reporting to:
    1. Mary Ellen Bonczek
    2. Tom Walsh (except Food & Nutrition)
    3. Laurie Whalin (except laboratories & respiratory)

Phase 4: May 31

  1. All units and departments reporting to
    1. Amy Akers
    2. Sarah Brannan
    3. David Parks (except Emergency Transport)
  2. Food & Nutrition
  3. Floors 2 and 4

More info available on SharePoint

If you want to learn more about Workforce Management in advance of Go Live, visit the SharePoint site: