Letter from John: Our Mission Shines Through Another Storm

September 09, 2019
Dorian Storm Team Gizdic with Staff

Last week, while rounding and working in the Command Center I, once again, had the opportunity to witness our extraordinary team of employees and medical staff as we cared for our community.

Days before Hurricane Dorian’s arrival, staff prepared our facilities and ensured we had the people, food and supplies needed to care for our patients and each other throughout. Our preparation, honed through recent experiences and attention to lessons learned, reflected a level of expertise not found in many other places.

It was efficient and well-organized. A finely tuned machine at work.

Simultaneously, our caregivers were doing what they do every day, attending to the medical and emotional needs of our patients and families, whose lives intersect with ours in meaningful and poignant ways.

As Dorian moved up the coast, our teams experienced all the highs and lows that come from serving in health care.

We gathered to honor an organ donor and the family who made a difficult decision to provide hope to others at a time of overwhelming grief.

We celebrated with families welcoming new babies.

And we comforted others as they received news that would change them forever.

These are the types of moments that help define who we are and what we do. The presence of a storm off our coast did nothing to change them. It just heightened our awareness that, no matter what storm is encircling us, our mission and focus remain the same.

We faced this storm while many were still suffering from the effects of the last one. We came together again, stronger and wiser, and in many ways more resilient. While this storm was shorter and less intense than others before it, it was yet another test. The NHRMC team did not disappoint.

Thank you for all you do to support our community and each other through every storm and every moment that calls on us to overcome obstacles, use our skills, and show our compassion.

I am proud to work alongside you.