NHRMC Partners with Civica RX to Stabilize Supply of Essential Generic Drugs

August 06, 2019
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NHRMC has entered into a partnership that will help ensure essential generic medications are always available for our patients at a fair price.

NHRMC is one of about 30 health systems across the country working with the non-profit generic drug company, Civica Rx. Civica Rx was established in 2018 by US hospital systems to combat generic medication shortages and stabilize the supply of generic medications in the hospital setting.

When a single company is the only manufacturer of a drug, they set the price and control all distribution. NHRMC chose to partner with Civica Rx, because they are committed to transparency and a competitive, one-price-for all model that allows hospitals of any size to receive the best price for a drug.

Civica Rx helps hospitals and patients by manufacturing the generic drugs that are most desperately needed in hospitals across the country.

NHRMC has provided purchase commitments for the first medications available through Civica Rx, two essential antibiotics expected to be released within the next few months.

By the end of 2019, Civica Rx expects to be producing 14 essential generic drugs with many more to follow in the coming years.

“We are very excited to support this initiative, which will provide market stabilization for needed, life-saving medications,” said Laurie Whalin, NHRMC Vice President of Clinical Services. “In the future, the presence of Civica Rx will provide competition that will help curb rising costs for essential drugs.”

As the relationship with Civica Rx expands, NHRMC will benefit in several ways:

  • Passing along savings to patients for specific medications
  • Reducing the cost of medications for uncompensated care
  • Having the most effective drug immediately available
  • Ability to re-invest savings to improve the services offered to our patients

 “We are thrilled to welcome New Hanover Regional Medical Center to Civica and look forward to working with them,” said Martin VanTrieste, President and CEO of Civica Rx. “As a member of Civica, NHRMC hospitals will have greater access to more affordable drugs and be able to provide better care.”

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