Nikkie Maddox, RN, Named NHRMC August Employee of Excellence

August 22, 2019
Nikkie Maddox EOE CL

NICU nursing can be one of the most challenging and most rewarding positions in healthcare. These nurses care for the most fragile babies, who are fighting for their lives. And they care for the families, who are shocked, exhausted and desperate -- wondering if their dreams of having a healthy, happy child will come true.

It takes a special nurse to work in the NICU. The nurse must be technically and clinically skilled, but they must also be compassionate and sympathetic. Every RN in this department nurses from the heart, with tenderness and grace.

To stand out among these nurses, you must be truly special. And Nikkie Maddox stands out.

Since joining the NICU team, Nikkie has taken ownership of several initiatives. Brandy Garris, Manager of NICU and Mother Baby, said Nikkie will come to her with an idea, get approval, and turn it into a project that strengthens her unit.

She is chair of the Skin Committee and leads the Wound Care Committee to help “save our littles behinds.”

She communicates well with her peers and ensures that all hand-offs go smoothly. She is never in a rush to leave the unit at the end of her shift. Despite her busy personal commitments, Nikkie always ensures all loose ends are tied up for her patient assignment, and if something occurs at the end of the shift she stays until the process is completed to ensure consistent, compassionate patient care.

Nikkie always offers to help anyone who needs it. She is always one of the first to come when there is an admission and will continuously check back on the nurse afterward to see if there is anything else that the nurse needs.

In one specific instance, this nurse made time to help another nurse as she placed twins skin-to-skin with their mother for the first time. The infants needed respiratory support, central lines, and monitoring devices, but this nurse understands the importance of skin-to-skin bonding. Together, the two nurses made sure the mother got that special time with her twins.

Nikkie’s dedication surprises nobody who knows her. After she leaves her long shift at the hospital, exhausted physically and emotionally, she goes home. And there, she continues to care for those who need her.

You see, Nikkie is a foster mom. And, what better exemplifies what NHRMC stands for, than someone who opens their home to children who are going through some of the worst times of their lives?

For everything she does for our NICU patients and their families …

And for wrapping her arms around the community’s children who need her most … we honor Nikkie Maddox, NHRMC’s August Employee of Excellence.

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