NHRMC Prepares for Next Phase of Real-Time Location System

July 17, 2019
NHRMC will implement the next phase of its real-time location system (RTLS) on August 19th as it rolls out the technology to patients across our 17th street campus.

The technology will show where patients are and what rooms are in use. Because all patients will be monitored in real-time, the system will result in more efficient care and reduces the amount of time staff and providers spend searching for patients.

Using the technology, we will be able to monitor patient flow and room occupancy to decrease the time beds sit empty and help improve the efficiency of placing your patient in their bed. The system will provide objective data for process improvement such as understanding the patient’s movement history and the amount of time staff spend with patients.

Staff at the 17th Street campus have been using the wearable locator badges for several months. All adult IV pumps, beds, wound vacs and WOW carts also have asset locator tags installed, ensuring easy location.