HERO Introduces New Feature for Managers, Directors

July 15, 2019
HERO, NHRMC's new rewards and recognition program, is off to a fast start. Since the official launch in early June, employees have been using the new digital platform to recognize their co-workers for exceptional work.
HERO continues to evolve with a new feature being introduced to the platform allowing managers and directors to delegate someone to distribute points on their behalf. This is helpful in departments where the manger/director has 50-100 employees but may not have as much direct day-to-day access to the team as a coordinator or other team member. When activated, the delegate will appear in the system as the manager/director and will have access to their point bank. The delegate can craft personal messages inside e-cards and sign their own name if indicated. Manager/Directors will need to work collaboratively with their delegates on the point distribution strategy for their department as they are utilizing the same point bank. Once these shared points are used, they are gone until the next scheduled replenishment.
If you are a manager/director, and would like to activate the "delegate" feature, contact [email protected] to make your request. 

A few reminders 

  • Birthday and anniversary points are not sent by managers. These are automatically populated. E-cards to honor birthdays without additional points are encouraged.
  • Manager points are replenished around every six months, with the next replenishment scheduled for December.
  • The new employee 90-day luncheon has been retired. Moving forward, every new employee will receive points upon completion of their probationary period.
For more information about HERO, visit: https://capslive.nhrmc.org/hero