Edgerton Named Director of Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Services

July 22, 2019
Edgerton Gorski

Michael Edgerton, PharmD, has been named Director of Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Services. Due to the tremendous growth of the Outpatient Pharmacy and the growth and expansion of Specialty Pharmacy Services, NHRMC needed a dedicated leader in this new position. As director, Edgerton will oversee all the various expansion projects as well as set the strategic vision for retail and specialty pharmacy services.

The NHRMC Employee Pharmacy, scheduled to open this fall next to the Jack Barto Center for Employee Fitness, is also being developed under Edgerton’s leadership. Marc Gorski, PharmD has been hired as Manager of the Employee Pharmacy. Gorski recently earned his MBA from Arizona State University, and comes to NHRMC from Banner Health, where he was Senior Manager.

Edgerton assumed responsibility of the Outpatient Pharmacy when it was creating tremendous value servicing mostly employees back in 2014. When a regulatory change required NHRMC to outsource employee prescriptions, the pharmacy became a cost center overnight.  Michael reinvented the pharmacy to establish a robust patient discharge program, a shipping program that delivered prescriptions to the homes of our most vulnerable patient populations, and a specialty pharmacy program managing complex medication regimens for our Oncology patients.

Through this vision, the hard work of the team, and Edgerton’s leadership,  the Outpatient Pharmacy has grown to servicing tens of thousands of patients annually saving them significant out-of-pocket costs. The Outpatient Pharmacy cost the NHRMC system money in the past, but it has transformed to a department that is expected to add over $10 million to the organization’s bottom line this year.

The expansion of Retail and Specialty Pharmacy services over the next few years directly supports NHRMC’s strategic vision for getting outside the four walls of the hospital, developing new and alternative revenue streams, and creating access to much needed health care services for all.

“Michael has earned this new position as a result of his accumulated sweat equity, proved and sustained achievement, as well as his demonstrated leadership ability and potential,” said Laurie Whalin, Vice President of Clinical Services.