A Potential New Path for NHRMC

July 29, 2019

New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) and New Hanover County Commissioners recently announced what could be an exciting opportunity to advance the health and wellness of this region. New Hanover Commissioners will vote on whether to pursue a new ownership structure for NHRMC by partnering with a larger healthcare system.

NHRMC has been a county-owned system since its founding more than 50 years ago. It has received no tax support for its operations and has continued to grow and thrive, consistently improving the quality and scope of care.

The NHRMC Foundation, with the support of many generous donors, has been a part of what makes NHRMC a wonderful place to receive care, practice medicine and pursue rewarding careers and volunteer opportunities.

During the September 3 meeting, Commissioners will discuss the future of NHRMC and whether a change in ownership could infuse resources into our organization and community, accelerating our efforts to positively impact the health of individuals in our region.

Because we have a great reputation for excellent care, we are in a position to choose the partner that will be most committed and able to help us achieve our vision, not only though investments in our people, facilities and services, but also through our community partnerships.

The NHRMC Foundation plays an important role in providing care and special services to our patients, as well as support for our employees. In evaluating a potential partner, we would consider how they would advance the type of support the foundation provides to our community and employees.

Please know that your donations to the NHRMC Foundation are important and will continue to be used as you intended - supporting our ability to provide excellent care to those we serve. Philanthropy is as important as ever to our patients, and your gifts are still needed to enhance the experience for patients and families.

You can learn more about the possibilities by visiting the website, www.NHRMCfuture.org.