Families Can Now Receive Text Messages for Surgery Patient's Status

May 16, 2019

In our continuous efforts to provide more convenience to patients and family members, the NHRMC Surgical Pavilion now offers text updates to designated family members. 

To help keep loved ones informed of a patient's progress during a procedure, they can sign up for text messages to be sent to up to two cell phone numbers. This service can include messages from the care team on registration instructions, patient procedure progress and patient visits.

The new service allows family members to leave the immediate area while they wait for a patient, and it provides immediate updates.

This is a one-way communication service. Family and friends cannot reply to a staff member or nurse through these messages. To maintain the patient’s privacy, these text message updates will not contain any patient health information and are only sent by authorized hospital staff.

Family members are encouraged to speak to a hospital staff member at Patient Check-in if they have any questions.