NHRMC Innovators Reveal Ideas at Spark Tank Event

May 23, 2019
speed of health winners 600w

Wednesday, May 22 marked the culmination of Speed of Health, a ten-week NHRMC innovation program designed to support and promote concepts and ideas that can improve patient outcomes. Four teams of NHRMC employees from various departments and backgrounds joined a team from New Hanover County Public Health in the innovation journey. They presented their progress to a panel of judges and 70 onlookers in a final Spark Tank competitive event.

Speed of Health is a program of The NHRMC Innovation Center and was created to rapidly accelerate the development and adoption of innovations that can lead to improved patient outcomes, leading us to the next-generation of healthcare. Chris Hillier, Executive Director of Innovation at NHRMC, is confident that programs such as this can change patient experience, and more importantly, patient outcomes.

“The NHRMC Innovation Center was born out of a clear understanding that the healthcare industry, as a whole, needs to find ways to lower costs, improve our effectiveness in taking care of patients, but also find ways to be much more relevant and much more useful in their everyday lives,” Hillier said. “Speed of Health and the Spark Tank event are a celebration of our continued progress in changing the landscape of healthcare in our community and beyond.”

NHRMC’s team Resuscitator took home top award for their presentation on a breathing apparatus invention. The team included Karl Kaminski, Renee Lewis, Lauren Stevenson and Judy Yankey. NHRMC’s PressureDx team was also recognized for best “pitch.” The team included Candice Curtin, Cynthia Ford, Ron Matthews and Susan McConnell.  

Speed of Health will return for another program this fall. Information on how to participate will be available at that time.