DNV Comprehensive Stroke Survey Will Be Held May 29-30

May 27, 2019

NHRMC is in the buckle of the stroke belt, and here is some helpful information staff should be aware of as we prepare for the DNV Comprehensive Stroke Center Survey on May 29-30.

Obtaining Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification would validate that NHRMC is meeting optimal, nationally recognized guideline-based care for our stroke patient population.

  • NHRMC follows American Heart Association and American Stroke Association Guidelines
  • All guidelines, order sets and standards can be found by typing “Stroke Center” in the Department Directories section on the home page of CapsLive
  • All patient-care nurses will be assigned the MEND exam this year in NetLearning
  • PLEASE complete mandatory stroke education during May for stroke month in preparation for DNV’s Comprehensive Stroke Center Survey on May 29-30, 2019

Q: What is the difference between Primary Stroke Center (PSC) which is what we are now, and a Comprehensive Stroke Center (CSC)?
A: A Primary Stroke Center has the infrastructure and capabilities to care for an acute stroke with the administration of intravenous thrombolytic therapy (tPA or Alteplase). A Primary Stroke Center has fewer overall capabilities than a Comprehensive Stroke Center but has staff and resources to manage, diagnose, stabilize and treat most patients with a stroke. A Comprehensive Stroke Center has personnel, infrastructure and expertise to diagnose, treat and support stroke patients who require highly intensive medical and surgical care, specialized testing and interventional therapies. Comprehensive Stroke Centers are designed to be a part of a larger stroke system of care which will include all levels of stroke care.

Resource person: Mary Beth Bobek, Manager Neurodiagnostics and Stroke Center 342-3052