Andrea Freeman Named Leader of Excellence

May 16, 2019
Andrea Freeman LOE

You can go straight down the nomination form and find out why Andrea Freeman, Manager of Information Services, was named NHRMC’s Leader of Excellence at the May Leadership Collaborative.

Ownership, Communication, Teamwork, Compassion. She illustrates all four of these characteristics to her employees and encourages the same from them.


Andrea never shirks responsibility for anything, regardless of the number of initiatives she is managing at one time. She delegates when necessary and takes full ownership of what is her responsibility.


Andrea makes sure her team we are aware of anything going on in the hospital. She shares information with us daily and through weekly huddles.

Here is some praise from her teammates:

“If anyone has a question she will look into it and get back with them – always.”

“She is the most responsive (with regard to speed and attention to detail) manager I've worked with.”


Andrea was praised for working with her own team, getting her “hands dirty” to help when she is needed. Through her example, she has cultivated a solid team of 19 employees who work extremely well as a team. When a need arises, her team members volunteer to help.

In the broader scope, she is also a great teammate to the departments throughout the organization who rely on her and her team for project implementation. With her dedication to Ownership and Communication and natural Compassion for others, who wouldn’t want to work with her?


This is the Leadership Quality that can’t easily be learned. Some people just have this natural empathy for others, and you can instantly tell that they truly care about you.

To put it bluntly, Andrea has a huge heart.

Here are some words from an employee:

“I cannot express enough how much compassion she has for our team, our department and our organization. She is the first to come to your aid if you need her and the last to leave. During the recent Hurricane, not only did she have damage on her home to be concerned with, she also had each of us on her mind and texted to check on us multiple times a day. She cares for us genuinely and it shows. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to know you have a leader who cares about you in the face of her own crisis.”

Here’s another:

“During Hurricane Florence, she was the first to arrive and the last to leave, making sure that our team was prepared and could function to fulfill the needs of the organization before, during and after the storm. She had multiple sleepless nights working with the team, but she never mentioned her own needs; she only focused on ours. If you know her, you are not surprised as this is her normal. We as a team and an organization are blessed to have such a leader.”

For being an exemplary leader in every sense of the word, Andrea Freeman is an NHRMC Leader of Excellence.