Report Phishing Button Will Help You Thwart Cyberattacks

January 11, 2019
Report Phishing

Starting Tuesday, January 15, everyone who uses NHRMC’s Outlook Email applications (Outlook 2016, Outlook Web and the Outlook Mobile App) will be able to report suspicious emails by clicking the Report Phishing button.

Over 90% of targeted cyber attacks start with a phishing email and YOU are our biggest asset when it comes to identifying and reporting suspicious emails.

When you report a potential phishing email using the button, it will be sent to IS Security to analyze. If it is found to be a threat, the information you provided will enable the team to secure our network from the attack. Once the email has been analyzed you will receive an email letting you know if the email was a threat, spam or if it is non-malicious and alright to open.

Reporting a suspicious email is easy with the Report Phishing button. When you are looking at the email you will see the button either on the toolbar or at the top of the email depending on which Outlook application you are using. When you click the button a blue box will pop-up confirming that you want to send the email, click “Ok” and it will be sent automatically to [email protected] and will also be moved to your deleted items folder.

For a thorough look at the Report Phishing button in each application, read the OUCH! newsletter below.