NHRMC Works to Meet Demands of High Census

January 09, 2019
NHRMC’s main campus is caring for an unusually high number of patients, creating the need to take additional steps to provide continuous and safe care for each of them. Staff and providers are asked to work together to make the situation as smooth and seamless as possible for patients and their families and be sensitive to its impact on them. 
The goal is to get all patients who need inpatient rooms into one as quickly as possible, but there may be delays as patients wait for rooms to become available.  To manage, we’re creating and staffing additional care areas.  Patients may be held in procedure rooms or spaces in the emergency department not regularly used for patient care.  To protect patient privacy as much as possible, we’re limiting the number of visitors to one per patient. Please help explain this to visitors. Exceptions can and will be made for special circumstances, such as when a patient is a child or when a patient is nearing the end of life. 
To help limit the number of new patients coming into NHRMC, some elective procedures and surgeries may be limited or postponed. We are also working with regional hospitals to care for patients who can stay in their facilities, allowing us to focus our resources on those most in need of our level of care.  The state is aware of the situation, which is not unusual for hospitals this time of year. Despite the high census, we are not, and will not, redirect patients who need us, and we will continue to provide high quality care to all.   
We are working with existing staff to maximize resources and looking for ways to supplement as needed. Check with your managers about opportunities to take extra shifts. 
Leaders will be rounding to check on staff, patients and families. Safety is always our top priority and we appreciate all our teams are doing to care for our patients at this busy time.